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Webinar: Mastering AWS Reserved Instances: How to Do It Right

Join us Thursday, June 28, 11:00 am MT, for a 30-minute webinar, Mastering AWS Reserved Instances: How to Do It Right, to learn what’s in store for your company when you take the plunge.

AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) give you the benefits of cloud computing while also reserving capacity and potentially lowering costs. That’s because realizing huge cost savings through RIs isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems.

In this webinar, Lightstream CFO Shan Edwards and CTO Sjon Benson share how to maximize RIs to drive true cost savings.

  • Maximizing your RI coverage ratio
  • Using infrastructure intelligence to drive RI contracting
  • Ongoing and consistent RI program oversight

We’ll help you improve how you assess and continually evaluate RI contracting opportunities to get the most savings through AWS.

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