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Storage Newsletter: Lightstream Expands its Storage Solutions

///Storage Newsletter: Lightstream Expands its Storage Solutions

Storage Newsletter: Lightstream Expands its Storage Solutions

Lightstream is featured in Storage Newsletter with new storage solutions. 

Industry research has shown that the storage-as-a-service market will grow from about 10% of the overall storage market in 2015, to as much as 80% or more by 2023 (source: IT Brand Pulse, October 2015). 

IT professionals are recognizing that the traditional CapEx model of capacity acquisition and management cannot keep up with the storage needs of enterprises. Instead, IT organizations are being asked to reduce costs while at the same time provide available, agile, and reliable enterprise-grade storage. The historical model of evaluating potential vendors, buying, installing and maintaining disk arrays and then repeating the cycle every 3-5 years cannot support this goal.

To address this growing market requirement, Lightstream has chosen Zadara as its partner for enterprise storage-as-a-service. The VPSA offers enterprise-grade, pay-as-you-go storage via an OpEx model with solutions that are available in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid configurations. The Lightstream solution provides the scalability, manageability, and economic benefits customers lack in traditional storage arrays.

Our customers are asking for elastic, on-demand storage solutions that align with the OpEx model that they are already using to pay for their cloud-based networks. Zadara’s approach to Storage as a Service (STaaS) matches up perfectly with what they, and the industry need, through a business model that makes sense,” says Lightstream CEO, Jim Cassell. “We also have customers whose data is sensitive enough that they are not willing to put it into a public cloud environment, so they are building private clouds instead. Zadara’s on-premise storage solutions meet their needs as well.

We are thrilled to be adding Lightstream to the Zadara family,” said Bob Sarubbi, VP of Americas sales and strategic alliances, Zadara. “As a premier solutions innovator, Lightstream combines best-of-breed technologies with industry-leading domain expertise and consulting. The combination of Lightstream and Zadara Storage provides a much needed solution to a storage market that is in rapid transition from traditional storage to storage-as-a-service.


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