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Lightstream Network Security Solutions

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

We’ll help your organization reduce the costs and complexity of network security, while improving your security posture, and reducing the burden of compliance. We’ll bring the security expertise and advanced tools for your organization’s needs, coupled with Lightstream’s Threat Intelligence Platform and Security Portal to develop and implement a security strategy that works.

Provide Compatibility

Provide Compatibility

Today’s infrastructure transcends on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments requiring security & compliance capabilities that are automated and scalable across a multitude of infrastructure environments. With our software-defined Threat Intelligence Platform we can not only implement, monitor and manage our own security solutions, but also integrate those from more than 250 third-party companies.

Enhance Visibility

24x7x365 Monitoring

Our team of highly skilled and certified analysts and engineers offer security insight into your entire application and infrastructure stack, not just the elements at the edge. We constantly monitor threat intelligence to protect your environment, while providing deep insight through comprehensive reporting and data analysis through a full-featured security platform you can count on.

Enhance Security

Enhance Security

We think globally so that we can provide you the with the security experience, expertise and solutions that your business needs to protect your enterprise from the latest global threats. Through our Global Security Operations Centers, comprised of hundreds of certified analysts and engineers around the world, we deliver satisfaction and peace of mind to companies just like yours and we do it 24/7/365.
  • Lightstream Threat Intelligence System
  • Security Assessment
  • Event Monitoring & Response
  • Compliance Services

Security & Monitoring

Lightstream offers a full complement of security solutions, customized to meet the many security needs of today’s organizations. Our security platform is constantly evolving and updating to address the latest global threats.

The Lightstream Threat Intelligence Platform

Lightstream’s Threat Intelligence Platform combines best-of-breed software-defined security applications, appliances, and management tools with over 5,000 correlation rules custom-developed by our security experts to protect our customers from an evolving threat landscape.

Cloud Security Assessment

Lightstream can provide your company with the peace of mind you need when faced with the question, “Is my data in the cloud secure?”  Our team can assist you with the design and implementation of cloud security, as well as other security solutions like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX, etc.

Event Monitoring and Response

Experts in Lightstream’s Global Security Operations Centers (Powered by SilverSky) monitor the critical devices on your network 24/7, eliminating the need to staff your own internal security team around the clock. Because Lightstream correlates all security events across our massive customer base, we can identify and respond to emerging threats more quickly. Customers also have on-demand access through the Lightstream Security Portal, providing deep insight into your environment through comprehensive reporting and data analysis.

Comprehensive Solution Offering Portfolio

Lightstream’s Managed Security technology portfolio includes our proprietary software-defined Lightstream Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.