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Network Solutions

Lightstream provides unmatched expertise in the design, project management, deployment, and ongoing support of network services.  From high-bandwidth solutions among locations within a metro area, to global WAN connectivity, and everything in between, our design engineers have done it all.  We understand the nuances between the various Local Exchange Carriers and other providers of local Ethernet services across the country, which enables us to design solutions that account for the “gotchas” that typically befall organizations that try to deal with end-to-end connectivity across disparate providers’ architectures.

A few of the key network services we provide include: 

MPLS/VPLS Services

The de facto standard in Wide-Area Network solutions, MPLS-based services are generally at the core of connectivity solutions we provide to our customers.  We have designed and implemented tens of thousands of endpoints across virtually every carrier offering the service.  We have in-depth understanding of the differentiating features and service among the different providers.  Also, while customers generally prefer layer-three MPLS-based solutions, we have deployed numerous layer-two, or VPLS, solutions to organizations with specific data center requirements or internal architecture constraints such as overlaying an independent customer MPLS or other routing topology on top of the carrier WAN technology.

Metro Ethernet 

The proliferation of Ethernet as a preferred access technology stems from its ease of deployment from a customer-edge viewpoint as well as its inherent scalability when compared with legacy TDM or SONET-based access methods. Despite the adoption of Ethernet by nearly all providers, numerous differences exist in provider-specific implementation not only among the different providers, but in many cases within a single provider’s product lines. This means that deployment of an overall topology – especially spanning multiple geographies across the nation or world – is often fraught with design considerations that must be addressed in order to ensure a uniform experience across the platform.  Our engineering staff is well versed in the non-MEF compliant variants of products both across and within carrier products sets, and we can design a solution to “engineer around” such limitations.

Fiber and Local Access 

Our engineering staff has design local and metro fiber rings for more than 30 years.  From self-healing SONET rings spanning a local metro area, to diverse carrier access with minimum distance separation necessary to attain high availability requirements, we are experts as securing carrier funding to achieve necessary fiber builds, designing the fiber topology to support the business requirement, and implementing the solution to specification.  We can also provide IRU or “dark fiber” services for those organizations that require the ultimate flexibility and can meet the technical, operational, and capital requirements associated with such implementations.

Long-Haul Fiber Services

The maturity of wave division multiplexing (WDM) technology allows carriers to scale fiber assets as never before.  This technology provides organizations with the “dark fiber”-like scalability and flexibility of a dedicated transport network connectivity without the capital outlay or the responsibility of owning and operating network infrastructure associated with such assets. We leverage numerous providers’ product sets to provide highly resilient, high bandwidth point-to-point long-haul services of speeds up to 100Gbps in additional to early trial stages of Tbps long-haul connectivity.

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