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Insight Managed Services

Lightstream Insight Managed Services is a suite of managed solutions for your network and cloud infrastructures.  If you need 24x7x365 advanced network monitoring for your telecom infrastructure or managed cloud services contact us to see how we can help you keep your IT infrastructure optimized and running smooth.

Network Monitoring 24/7

With real-time visibility, Lightstream engineers proactively manage and monitor your network for maximum uptime. Our team of expert engineers are able to identify and remediate any issues that might occur 24x7x365

Lightstream’s Network Monitoring & Management Services leverage enterprise class tools coupled with industry leading expertise and processes to strengthen your IT Infrastructure via a comprehensive portfolio of proactive remote monitoring, management and remediation services.

Lightstream’s Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) engineers proactively monitor your network infrastructure 24x7x365 utilizing a combination of standard protocols such as ICMP Ping and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps generated by your network devices.

Our enterprise class monitoring and ticketing platform utilizes a flexible, rules-based processing engine that allows us to classify the severity of events at the moment they’re received, generating alerts via Email or SMS.  Rules may be time or count-based, which allows us to alert when X number of events are reported in Y minutes, allowing Lightstream to monitor large global infrastructures utilizing multiple access methods while mitigating the risk of false positives.

Proactive Network Security Monitoring

In addition to proactively alerting a predetermined user, group or organization as a result of an event generated by a monitored network device, Lightstream’s optional Network Management Services can also perform troubleshooting of your environment upon receipt of an event and if necessary open a ticket on your behalf with your circuit provider, internal organization, or third party, leveraging our defined processes and procedures to cooperatively troubleshoot and manage the ticket to closure.

Incident Resolution

Lightstream’s engineering teams stay engaged from the time our proactive monitoring tools receive an alert until the problem is resolved.   We engage your network providers and hardware suppliers on your behalf ensuring that regardless of where the incident is it will be resolved.

Asset Tracking

Lightstream’s Network Monitoring & Managed Services documents, diagrams and inventories your environment, providing insight into your infrastructure.

Comprehensive Device Support

We support the devices that reside within your network including routers, network switches, and wireless access points from top vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, Adtran, Brocade and Dell.

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