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Multi-Site & MPLS Integration

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MPLS & Multi-Site Integration with Lightstream

Lightstream has a unique advantage compared to working directly with carriers when integrating multiple sites into a single enterprise.   Why?  Because Lightstream can offer multiple-carrier options, combined with the best technologies incorporated into a single solution with one point of contact.

Lightstream goes far beyond simply offering a menu of technologies and products to price out national or international MPLS wide-area networks. Our engineering staff truly integrates and designs solutions, making use of widely available services such as MPLS, Dedicated Internet, as well as both metro and long-haul MEF-compliant and Optical Wavelength services.  With the integration of what are otherwise commodity services, Lightstream designs and deploys everything from simple MPLS WANs to complex multi-VRF and multi-vendor/multi-VRF environments.  Lightstream’s engineering staff has also created reference design for carriers, such as a hybrid solution integrating disparate LATA-based Metro Ethernet “islands” with highly available on-ramps to inter-state MPLS backbone.  As a result of Lightstream’s solution innovation, several Lightstream reference designs and deployments have since been adopted by carriers and “productized” into standard customer offerings.

We have also enhanced our ability to converge disparate networks with an integrated network solution that brings multiple carriers and service providers into a single hub.  We call it Agility Hub:

Introducing Agility Hub

Lightstream Agility Hub is an extension of your corporate IT network, enabling you to succinctly converge your existing WAN with over 450 cloud providers, 600 IT Service Providers, with the efficiency and manageability never seen before in a global deployment.  The Lightstream Agility Hub places corporate IT resources near large-user populations in data centers connected to many networks and clouds. This distributed, connectivity-driven approach to data center computing has been proven by Gartner, 451 Group, and many enterprise customers to provide dramatic benefits in application and network performance, as well as in business and IT agility.  Lightstream Agility Hub solutions can be implemented gradually, without disrupting your operations or budget.