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We understand the complexities of CONNECTING carrier networks to CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDERS

Cloud & Infrastructure Strategy

Our team of cloud architects understands the complexities of connecting WANs to cloud providers’ environments. We have direct relationships with the top cloud providers, including premier partnerships with both Amazon and Microsoft. This translates to a better customer experience free of costly delays or the need for re-design.

End-to-End Ordering: Lightstream makes Direct Connect easy. We have relationships with all the major global Direct Connect carrier partners and have proved ordering and provisioning processes.

Topology Design: Lightstream can design WAN topologies to aggregate traffic across fewer connections and logically separate the traffic on egress to the WAN environment.

Traffic Segregation: Lightstream can help segregate traffic flows to direct secure or latency-sensitive traffic over Direct Connect and bulk data over the Internet or VPG.

Capacity Planning and Identification: Lightstream recommends the appropriate tools to identify traffic flows and the capacity required to support the traffic needed (i.e. NetFlow, J-Flow, interface counters, etc.).

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