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Hybrid Cloud & Converged Network Strategies

/Hybrid Cloud & Converged Network Strategies
Hybrid Cloud & Converged Network Strategies 2016-12-12T14:08:00+00:00

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Many organizations maintain legacy applications and/or sensitive data that cannot be published to a public cloud infrastructure but they want the potential economic and technological benefits that cloud-based technologies can provide.  The industry has responded with private and hybrid cloud infrastructures to meet the unique needs of each organization.

  • private cloud allows organizations to implement low-cost and leading-edge cloud-based technologies in a private, closed network environment, isolated from the public cloud.
  • hybrid cloud allows organizations to use both private and public cloud technologies and have them communicate with each other through an encrypted connection. The hybrid cloud is becoming a very popular model for organizations that want to migrate applications methodically over time.

Why Lightstream

Lightstream can help your organization work through the complexities and challenges of converging  public and private clouds into a seamless solution that communicates over an encrypted connection.  In fact, Lightstream has an advantage over working with service providers directly because we likely have relationships with all of the carriers and service providers you are already dealing with and we know how to get them to work together.