Cynthia Lawton


Decisely is a benefits brokerage and HR services firm specializing in integrated technology solutions for small business. The company provides turnkey solutions from recruitment to retirement for brokers, franchises and associations.

AWS  is critical to Decisely’s business model for delivering services to its customers. Although Decisely had a relatively small AWS monthly spend, Lightstream suggested getting ahead of Decisely’s future cloud sprawl with cloud cost optimization. Lightstream demonstrated how the company’s cloud costs and IT staff’s time could be optimized through Lightstream Cloud Managed Services like RI management and Lightstream Connect.

Lightstream Connect is included in Lightstream’s Cloud Managed Services and provides a single pane of glass into a company’s technology spend and network, providing a clear vision of how resources are allocated. It securely integrates with the major carriers, AWS and Lightstream’s service-management platform to consolidate orders, services inventory, usage and analytics into one place. 

After the demonstration, the CPO declared the solution a “no brainer” and procured Cloud Managed Services for AWS RDS and EC2, including RI management for both contracts.

With Lightstream’s Cloud Managed Services, Decisely will be able to see how its resources are allocated , consolidate orders, service inventory, usage and analytics. RI Management will help Decisely maximize its RI coverage ratio, control spend, use infrastructure intelligence to drive RI contracting and provide ongoing and consistent RI program oversight.

Thanks to Lightstream, Decisely will benefit from a 38% cost reduction for EC2 and a 32% reduction for RDS. This success has spurred Decisely’s  decision to investigate other Lightstream Cloud Managed Services and tools such as CloudCheckr and cloud security for multi-factor authentication.