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Customer Success: MasterControl

How Lightstream Supports MasterControl’s Rapid Growth in Cloud-Based Solutions

Lightstream manages MasterControl’s AWS environment to support the company’s double-digit growth, handling day-to-day tasks such as contracts and renewals and ensuring optimal capacity needs to better grow its business

Cloud ServicesWhen it comes to maintaining high standards, MasterControl takes no shortcuts. Its Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) is used by more than 1,000 companies, five of the largest regulatory agencies in the world and three of the top five life-sciences companies. In addition, MasterControl provides a full line of industry-specific quality and compliance software solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. Its EQMS software has been the market leader since 1993. That’s no small feat.

An innovator in the use of cloud technology, the company has been offering the advantages of EQMS solutions in the cloud for more than 10 years. From organizations that leverage the MasterControl Cloud to host their quality management systems to on-premise customers that use the MasterControl Cloud for backup and disaster recovery, the firm provides a variety of solutions that keep its clients compliant and competitive.

Like many of today’s leading software companies, MasterControl runs its business on AWS. Still, continually rising costs proved problematic to the rapid rollout of software solutions and services. At the same time, management tasks such as expirations and contract renewals undermined the company’s focus from its mission of increasing clients’ profit by substantially increasing their speed-to-market.

That’s when the company turned to Lightstream.

Their aim? To find better ways to grow their business with AWS.

MasterControl sought options to relieve the day-to-day contractual management of AWS as well as fine tune workloads, security and cost containment. MasterControl decided to link their AWS accounts to Lightstream to recognize instant cost savings and leverage Lightstream’s AWS engineering expertise.
As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Lightstream offers a variety of services to assist organizations in assessing, designing and managing their AWS environment. It also partners with the world’s top Network Services Providers to design, implement and manage the complex interconnections between connectivity providers and Cloud Service Providers that help contain cloud costs and boost performance.

Lightstream began with a detailed technical and financial analysis of MasterControl’s environment. After creating a customized tagging strategy, Lightstream reviewed MasterControl’s Reserved Instances for performance and cost savings opportunities. Potential security issues were then flagged, and the recommendations were rolled into a continuous monthly report that MasterControl’s IT professionals, AWS managers and corporate executives could leverage to better manage their technology spend. Features of the service include adhoc reports that provide a breakdown and comparison of tagged instances, flexible payment options, categorized billing, and integrated AWS CloudCheckr.

The service also helps free up MasterControl’s staff from handling day-to-day tasks such as contracts and renewals and eliminates the hassle of several people independently purchasing cloud services by centrally optimizing capacity demands and costs as business needs grow.

“Turning over your mission-critical AWS tasks to another provider wasn’t easy, but Lightstream’s proven track record helped us make the move.”

MasterControl’s director of IT Operations instantly agreed the service was the right starting point to develop a long-term AWS relationship with Lightstream. As an existing Lightstream customer, MasterControl had a high degree of trust in Lightstream’s cloud, security and networking abilities. While linking their AWS accounts to Lightstream seemed like a big step, MasterControl’s IT leaders understood that Lightstream’s proven integrity in relationships and cloud-engineering skills provided ample support for their decision.

“Turning over mission-critical AWS tasks to another provider wasn’t necessarily easy,” said Travis Ruiz, MasterControl’s director of IT. “But our previous support from Lightstream and their proven track record of AWS optimization and containment results helped give us the confidence to make the move.”

Today, MasterControl has realized a 15% cost savings and has doubled its AWS environment in almost a year. The company is on track for rapid growth with cloud technology firmly at the center of its product and services roadmap.

That means MasterControl can keep customer success and innovation at the core of its operating philosophy without compromising on the cost and efficiency of its cloud-based infrastructure. Currently more than 800 customers, — who have a total of more than 1,000 customer sites and almost 1,000,000 users worldwide — rely on MasterControl to help them deliver their products to more people sooner.

With Lightstream and AWS, sooner is faster than ever.

To learn more about how to better grow your business with Lightstream and AWS, fill out the form on the Contact Us page to sign up for a 30-minute demo.

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