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Customer Success: HopSkipDrive

Lightstream and Amazon Connect Helped HopSkipDrive Keep Riding

Lightstream helped HopSkipDrive fulfill its mission of reshaping K-12 transportation with Amazon Connect

HopSkipDriveHopSkipDrive is a ride-hailing service for children founded by three experienced professionals from Los Angeles who are also working moms. Between them, the founders have eight children ages 5-13 and understand the stress families go through getting kids everywhere they need to go.

To help solve parents’ transportation challenges, HopSkipDrive developed a solution that helps schools and families conveniently schedule rides for children ages 6+ with experienced and certified caregivers. A personalized code word confirms pickup from drivers, and parents can track their child’s ride via the HopSkipDrive app. Driver behavior is monitored during the ride to ensure drivers are focused, in control, and not illegally using their mobile devices to talk or text while a rider is in the car.

Boosted by today’s familiarity with ride sharing and working parents juggling multiple kids and activities, HopSkipDrive is already expanding to other major U.S. cities. As a “born-in-the-cloud” company, HopSkipDrive has been able to remain operationally nimble while keeping a strong focus on safety and customer service via live agents.

HopSkipDrive was using Zendesk as their customer service software but planned to replace the solution with Kustomer. This required them to implement a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution because the current one used Zendesk Talk. The company selected Amazon Connect for their IVR solution and was seeking an Amazon Connect-certified partner to architect and deploy the solution. AWS recommended that HopSkipDrive work with Lightstream.

Lightstream first analyzed HopSkipDrive’s call flows and application integration requirements. AWS Lambda was used to automatically retrieve the customer data based on the individuals phone number and route the customer to the correct agent based on the service request and priority.
Lightstream next configured the AWS environment and integrated Amazon Connect with Kustomer. The environment was thoroughly tested, and the existing 1-800 number ported over.

Since implementing Amazon Connect, HopSkipDrive has already seen a 50% drop in call-center costs. Unlike other call center solutions, Amazon Connect only charges for minutes used and not a per-agent license fee. HopSkipDrive is also benefitting from Amazon Connect’s flexibility. For example, during a recent internal system outage, staff were able to instantly change the company’s greeting to acknowledge the outage and deflect calls.

Lightstream is proud to support a company that is helping families and kids. As one local California mom told the L.A. Times, the mobile app-enabled service has saved her sanity (and job, likely)—a claim that doesn’t seem too far fetched for anyone who has tried to get across town during rush hour.

To learn more about Lightstream services for Amazon Connect, visit our Amazon Connect page.

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