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Lightstream Connect is a unique intelligent billing analytics tool that provides a holistic view of your technology spend, giving you a clear vision of how your resources are allocated. Connect gives you a “single pane of glass” for all of your telecom and cloud services in one place so you to focus on what really matters: your core business. Lightstream Connect is securely integrated with all of the major carriers, cloud providers and our service management platform to consolidate your orders, services inventory, usage and analytics into one place.


Cloud technical and financial managers now have a tool that allows you to utilize your own custom tagging to view your cloud inventory in a way that is meaningful to you.  Lightstream Connect gives you a complete picture of your cloud utilization and spend.

LIGHTSTREAM CONNNECT provides you and your leadership team a daily view into cloud environment in a useful and informative way. We work with you and your team to create the appropriate tagging and grouping of accounts and services to improve the overall usability at all levels of you organization — from executives to developers to administrators.


The combination of effective tagging and grouping, engineering expertise, and AWS understanding allows us to work with your team to identify instance optimization opportunities, such as updgrading from legacy to newer instance types, combining instance families, consolidating or right-sizing underutilized instances, and more. Our analytics tools display multiple views of your AWS environment that facilitate a very detailed and comprehensive view of potential optimization.  We first assess your Reserved Instance (RI) opportunity by analyzing each of your instances in RI groupings based on predetermined operational criteria. This allows us to focus on instances that have the highest potential to benefit from RI savings without wasting effort.

We then focus first on optimizations with the highest savings potential and perform RI analysis for each of those instances based on your infrastructure plans.  This analysis takes into account the various RI payment options with their respective economic benefits and costs. We also work directly with you to determine the appropriate placement of your infrastructure between a cloud and/or colocation strategy.


Lightstream Connect for AWS™ also gives you access to discounted Amazon Web Services by leveraging a sophisticated analytical model that maximizes the alignment and use of AWS Reserved Instances where they can be shown to consistently save you money. Signing up for Connect™ doesn’t affect or interrupt your existing Amazon Web Services in any way, it just means you’ll now be paying less money for the same services that you already use and enjoy, plus the benefits of having additional support, and a state-of-the-art billing optimization tool at no additional extra cost.

Summary of Your Cloud Spend

VM (EC2) Usage

Billing Tag Summary


Lightstream Connect is an IT and CLOUD management tool designed to help you better understand their telecom and cloud utilization and spend.

Connect gives telecom managers an inventory and order management tool they have likely never had access to before.  With 20 years of telecom experience and relationships with all of the top carriers and network service providers, Lightstream has established back office connections with all of them, which we have integrated into a customer facing web-based tool that allows you to see what we see:

  • Order management tools
  • Order status and timelines
  • Complete inventory
  • Expiration dates
  • Network Monitoring Statistics

Vendor Summary & Overview

Order Management

Inventory & Monitoring

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