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Webinar: 5 Business Benefits of Diving Into Public Cloud

  Join us Wednesday, May 30, 1:00 pm ET, for a 30-minute webinar, 5 Business Benefits of Diving Into Public Cloud, to learn what's in store for your company when you take the plunge. Although companies have been moving to public cloud for years, others are still just testing the waters. The great news is that such a move delivers many business [...]

Customer Success: Teem

How Lightstream Is Fueling SaaS Company Teem’s Growth Lightstream has helped the company double its AWS environment and optimize workload placement – all without a surge in costs. Entrepreneurs Zach Holmquist and Shaun Ritchie were annoyed. Though they were working in different technology companies in Salt Lake City, Utah, both were experiencing the same problem:  Every day, meetings were interrupted [...]

Resolving Carrier to Cloud Interconnection Challenges – Azure

Resolving Carrier to Cloud Interconnection Challenges Background The swyMed™ Video-Enabled Ambulance provides intuitive, click to call connections between EMS crews responding to 911 calls and specialists at local hospitals or tertiary care centers. swyMed requires continuous and reliable network connectivity to deliver their SaaS-based software solutions in ambulances serving as Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), Mobile Stroke Units [...]

The State of Cloud Computing

It’s readily available. It’s increasingly secure (as multiple security agencies and organizations have certified both Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud platforms with multiple levels of security credentials that are higher than most organizations are able to justify completing internally). It’s cost effective, scalable, elastic, and much more than meets the eye. It’s cloud computing, and it’s becoming ubiquitous. The outlook for cloud computing in 2017 and beyond [...]