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Lightstream Connect™ – Intelligent Billing & Analytics for AWS

ON-BOARDING: Lightstream Connect™ for AWS is a free intelligent billing and analytics for Lightstream customers who use Amazon Web Services.   The link below will take you to the on-boarding page to link your AWS accounts to Lightstream.  (For more information about Lightstream Connect™ for AWS click here.)

In order to complete the on-boarding process you will need:

  • Your AWS credentials
  • The accounts/instances that you want to link. If you know where to find this information, we can help you.

NOTE:  Your current AWS services will NOT change or be interrupted.  The only thing that changes is that your monthly bill will now come from Lightstream, instead of Amazon, and you will get additional support from Lightstream, a state-of-the-art analytics dashboard, Cloudcheckr™ and additional savings every month…guaranteed.

OFF-BOARDING: Should you ever decide to discontinue using Lightstream Connect, the off-boarding process is very easy. Go to your AWS admin page and simply UN-LINK the accounts.   If you need assistance, Lightstream can help you.

On-Boarding Agreement