Amazon Connect is a pay-as-you-need, cloud-based contact center delivering better customer service at a lower cost.

  • Self service
  • CRM Integration
  • Alexa Functionality
  • Scalable and Elastic
  • Custom Reporting
  • Open Platform
  • AI-Enabled: Translation, Trascription, Sentimental Analysis


The goal of this course is to provide you with a thorough understanding of core concepts related to the provisioning, configuration, and management of Amazon Connect.

During this course, you’ll also receive general knowledge of various AWS services leveraged by Amazon Connect as well as general knowledge of available integration methods to CRM, WFM, building Chatbot and execution of Lambda functions to create call-flow integrations.

The course is designed as a 2-day hands on lab in which participants will enable flows within Amazon Connect to deliver a specific service or as a platform to build a complete contact center solution.

COST: No Charge – The cost for the workshop is being covered by AWS, Lightstream, and ISV partners.


Date TBD 2020                   Salt Lake City, UT              Amazon Office

Date TBD 2020                   San Diego, CA                   Amazon Office

Date TBD 2020                   Irvine, CA                           Amazon Office


Ideal participants will be in 0-3 months of exposure to Amazon Connect.

Subject matter will be relevant to those in the contact center industry responsible for the configuration/management of M3/IVR, ACD, PBX, Natural Language Understanding (NLU)/Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Reporting/Analytics, WFM/WFO, call recording, sentiment detection, and desktop/dashboard GUI designs.

Previous experience with AWS and scripting/development is beneficial, but not required.

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