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Avaya Backup/DR Design Class using Amazon Connect 2018-12-12T15:48:47+00:00

Avaya Backup/DR Design Class using Amazon Connect

Class Overview

The goal of this course is to provide you with a thorough understanding of core concepts related to the provisioning, configuration, and management of Amazon Connect to build a backup/DR solution for your Avaya platform. During this course you will receive general knowledge of various AWS services leveraged by Amazon Connect as well as integration methods to leading CRM platforms and WFM solutions. By the end of the class attendees will have working Amazon Connect account and the basic skills to support the platform.

Sample Agenda:


  • What is Amazon Connect
  • AWS ecosystem
  • Review pricing models
  • Translate Vectors to Contact Flows
  • How to build CMS “like” Reports

Lecture and Demo – Configuring your contact center

  • Contact Center Configuration
  • User Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Elements of a contact flow
  • Queues, Attributes, Routing Priority, Call Behavior Flows, Callbacks, Voice Conversational Amazon Lex chat bots

Class Fee: 

  • $995 per Individual or $2495 per Customer (max 3 attendees)
  • No charge for executives attending the morning overview sessions
  • Max class size is 20 attendees to maximize access to instructors


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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS has over 100 products that allow you to build for free and pay only for what you use. For over 25+ years customers have deployed complex on premise contact center solutions that require heavy lifting, months of pro services and significant manufacturer support contracts.

Designed as an open based cloud-based contact center solution, Amazon Connect was built over 10yrs ago to support the demands of the 50 different Amazon business units and at its peak on Prime Day in 2018 supported over 80,000 agents.