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5 Business Benefits of Diving into Public Cloud

///5 Business Benefits of Diving into Public Cloud

5 Business Benefits of Diving into Public Cloud

Dive Into Public CloudAccording to Forbes, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. Digitally transforming enterprises is the leading factor driving greater public cloud engagement followed by the pursuit of IT agility.

So, what’s holding your organization back?

In our recent webinar, Travis Ruiz, Director of Cloud Services at MasterControl, shares his company’s experience in making the leap to public cloud and the top five benefits they have experienced.

According to Travis, the need to move faster was MasterControl’s #1 driver. Cloud providers now make that possible with the quick and easy deployment of cloud infrastructure and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Travis thinks three things hold most companies back from cloud: fear, lack of control over data and insufficient knowledge of cloud vendors. He also points out that cost-reduction is usually a public-cloud benefit, but in-house mistakes can change that.

Here are Travis’ top five business benefits and a couple of tips:

1. Business Growth and Innovation

Thanks to the cloud, MasterControl was able to expand to new regions in Europe and Asia. The company was able to quickly adjust to market demands without excess focus from the IT team and upfront costs. MasterControl use several SaaS providers to manage their business operations, and after four years, consider public cloud key to their future strategy.

2. Scalability

In the cloud, MasterControl scales up and down as needed. The amount of resources available to IT far exceeds what they had in the past, and IT is now a business enabler. For example, a recent request to triple the size of a customer was easily accomplished due to on-demand scalability.

3. Speed to Market

The use of public cloud for new markets and product offerings is contributing to MasterControl’s growth. Travis notes there is an increase in multi-cloud options from providers, so take time to evaluate each one. Public cloud also offers exciting new artificial intelligence tools like machine learning that provide insights that can drive market speed.

4. Business Continuity

Uptime is critical to MasterControl’s business. AWS provides MasterControl a 99.95% SLA for the services they utilize, and MasterControl’s process includes replicating between multiple availability zones. Travis warns that just because you’re in the cloud, don’t assume you have a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan. It’s important to spend time analyzing and designing a DR plan.

5. Security

Security is a complex issue, but most IT professionals now agree that public cloud is safer than on-premise. Travis points out public-cloud security is multilayered, including physical security, compliance and certification programs, and dedicated security and privacy teams. Still, cloud security is a shared responsibility model and while the provider offers the underlying security and controls, the ownership is still with IT. MasterControl has had a positive experience so far and operates on the principle of continuous security improvement.

We’ve also created an infographic highlighting these 5 Reasons to Dive Into Public Cloud.

Public Cloud Stats

Click on the image to see the full Infographic.

Working with Lightstream

Travis highlights that when MasterControl started down the path of public cloud, they didn’t like the idea of credit card transactions. What drew them to Lightstream initially was Lightstream’s Connect, an intelligent billing tool that provides visibility for AWS spend. Lightstream also provides day-to-day contractual management of AWS as well as services that fine tune workloads, security and cost containment. For example, Lightstream now manages MasterControl’s Reserved Instances (RI), identifies unused RI’s and helps reduce costs when possible.

Travis says he considers Lightstream an extension of his team and finds Lightstream services invaluable.

Don’t Test the Waters—Dive Right In!

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